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Easter Fun

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It is that time of year again when women everywhere go shopping for the perfect Easter ensemble whether it is a fun Dress for church or a cute pant outfit for the big Easter egg hunt. We in Western Culture have been following this tradition for centuries, but why? And where did this all start?

Surprisingly the tradition of getting a new outfit and decking oneself out did not originate in the U.S. or even Europe for that matter. It started way back in ancient times when pagan worshipers wore new clothes as they celebrated spring during a festival to honor Ostera, the goddess of spring. They believed new clothes would bring them good luck.  The Chinese wore new clothes to convey the idea of plenty at their Spring Festival.

In the early days of Christianity, a newly baptized Christian wore white to symbolize the rebirth he/she received at baptism. Later in 300 A.D. the Roman emperor Constantine made an official decree that his court must wear the finest of new clothing on Easter. How awesome would it be to tell your husband, “I need the credit card. The emperor requires me to have a new dress on Easter, and not just any new dress, but the finest – I’ll be at Nordstrom.”

There are even superstitions that revolve around the importance of new Easter clothes. During the Tudor reign, in the 16th century it was believed that if a person did not wear new clothes on Easter, moths would eat their old ones and evil black crows would make nests around their houses.

In the United States we did not celebrate Easter with new clothes until after the Civil War. Prior to that time the Puritan and Protestant churches put a damper on all religious celebration. Thankfully, after the war Easter was seen as a sign of hope and new beginnings and Easter was celebrated with new clothes once again – yea! and continues on today – double yea!.  After all there is not a whole lot better than new clothes and a basket full of chocolate eggs!

That said, check out a few of our Easter picks for 2015.

 We like this Dana Buchman knot-front dress from Kohls. The style is super flattering to most body types. We would suggest pairing this up with our black starburst statement necklace, after all nothing says spring like flowers. With so much arm showing our stackable pretties are another great option. Pair all of this with these great Women's Kailey Ankle Strap Pump found at Payless Shoes.


If you are more into separates then check this skirt from Kohl’s. It is part of a new collection called Disney’s Cinderella by Lauren Conrad – how fun is this! We would pair this with a simple white top or cardigan – you know the one everyone already has in their closet. How about these Steve Madden pumps from Macy’s to give you that glass slipper/Cinderella look. Finish your outfit off with I Shop Simply’s delicate mint necklace or maybe our bohemian floral statement necklace, or even our multi-strand twisted pearl necklace/earring set – so many options!


How about a fun outfit for the big Easter egg hunt? We like these ¾ length twill pants from H&M and paired with this fun ikat patterned shirt from Banana Republic and this Michael Kors bag from Macy’s. Don’t forget to add I Shop Simply’s fun perfect peach statement necklace or some of our layering necklaces and a bodacious bow bracelet to finish it off.


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